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Forge Community Partnership

The Forge C.P. aims to develop and manage the provision of high quality, affordable and accessible services which caters for the needs of all in our locality. To enhance the atmosphere of our local community by creating a thriving environment where Adults and children can grow and flourish.

The Hoyland Cap Website

Is just one of the many local services that the Forge C.P. provides in our local communities. Developed in partnership with Uneed Digital Networks the Hoyland Cap website provides a valuble local community service. It is a central point for anyone active in the local community to help promote and celebrate what they do, the successes and the wider marketing of activities and forthcoming events etc.

It is open to all that have a genuine interest in the local community. Large or small, groups or organisations and not forgetting the dedicated individual activist who make our communities what they are. We invite you to make use of the Hoyland Cap website free of charge. The website updates on a regular monthly basis where possible. Providing space for local news, a community directory to register local groups and services. A photo album to capture what is happening around the area and provide a visual reference and a place to establish new community links. But above all it is about providing a first class service for the local community.

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See the contact page for details on how to get in touch to tell us how we can help you.

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